Hey there! This is uhm, my website, I guess. It's really cool that they're trying to revive this whole "personal website" thing. I'm all for it! I'm kinda sad I missed all of this early internet culture. It'd have been fun. The internet is just not that fun of a place anymore. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of fun stuff on the internet, but that feeling of something new, mysterious is gone...

Ok, uhm, who am I to bash on the modern internet though? After all, I'm just a puny 16 year old from Romania. Probably I'm only thinking of the big picture. I try to look into details but I can't help but believe that everything is simpler than it seems. Why does everything have to be so complicated? Yk what, I won't turn this into a page about philosophy or smth, that's not me. Why don't I make it about... me? I'm sure ya'll would love getting to know me. I sure had fun looking through the pages of other people on this website. Those are WAAYY past my experience, but I'm happy with what I have accomplished so far. I like the way this website looks.

So, me. What about me? I guess I already told you that I'm 16 and I live in Romania. What else? I guess I could tell you about what I like. Probably you've already noticed I like Windows XP! I hate the fact that I missed the days of XP. Really, my childhood Windows was 8.1. Yeah, barely caught 7 on its way out. I do still miss Windows 8.1, which, honestly, I think is way better than 10. Let's not get into that tho - I loathe the modernization of Windows, making it even clunkier than it was before and filling it up with bloatware. I've never been one for metro designs. Let's move on though.

So, what else about me? I could talk to you about lame stuff like my favorite food, or my favorite soda. Those would be hot dogs and grape fanta. I caved in. Whatever, I could tell you about my love for old technology, cycling and, from time to time, carpentry. Yeah, actually, not a bad idea. I'll start with the old tech, my favorite hobby of them all! I ABSOLUTELY love anything tech from the 90's and 2000's. I love the looks, the feel, just the whole things! I think those are my favorite eras of tech. Tbh, I feel like I've always been drawn more to the designs of old tech. Same with cars. I'd take any 90's shitbox over a modern car, simply because I think it looks better. I love the swooshy, bubbly designs that the late 90's and 2000's brought in. As I have told you, seeing all the modernization makes me sad. Like, what happened to CRTs? Remember those? Well I do, and it's kinda hard for me to forget them when I'm using one right now!

Whatever now, that's just the start of my collection. Tbh, old tech is the hobby that I have the most to talk about. I mean, cycling, uhm, yeah, I ride a bike. That's fun. No no, it is, but, yeah, is there more to say about it? Guess I'd love to go on some long bike trips with my friends this summer. Totally. Also, I suck at carpentry, but that's fine, I still love putting togheter shit when I feel like it.